How to Order Yearbook


Custom Page Video Tutorial

Signature Tutorial

A yearbook packed with pictures and memories

Even with the recent challenges we are still packing the yearbook with great pictures and memories.

But to make that EVEN BETTER, tree ring offers 2 FREE Custom Pages.


How to order your yearbook

Yearbooks are $35 each effective February 1, 2022.

Each student already has an account based on their school user name and password.

To order your 2021 yearbook, go to:  Treering,com

Click LOG IN top left of the page
>> then “Log in with Google”
>> Use your students school email address and password.

Parents: if you know your credentials from last year, you should be able to use those also.

Digital Signatures

You can ask your friends to sign your yearbook!

Log into your account by choosing the Google option and use your school email address and password.

When you log in Signatures should be a pop up on your screen. If not look on the left side.

Send a signature request to your friends. Make sure signatures are family friendly.




Price: $35: Effective until February 1, 2022


Custom pages: Wednesday, April 10, 2022

Senior Parent Message: January  10, 2022

Shipping Information

Yearbooks will be shipped to LCS.

Yearbooks order AFTER the deadline AND after the school order has shipped will be shipped home. There will be an shipping fee for home delivery.


Custom Pages

There are TWO FREE pages where you add your own pictures. These two pages print ONLY in YOUR yearbook. No one else sees them.

If you want to add more than 2 custom pages, there is a small fee.

Got to and log into your account

Example Custom Pages

Below are Jerry Thompson’s Custom pages he has made for his 2020 yearbook.

Remember, you can add signatures your friends send to these pages.


How to make custom pages


How to send or request signature for your yearbooK