A yearbook packed with pictures and memories

Even with the recent challenges we are still packing the yearbook with great pictures and memories.

But to make that EVEN BETTER, tree ring has some features we really haven’t used.

Custom Pages

There are TWO FREE pages where you add your own pictures. These two pages print ONLY in YOUR yearbook. Bio one else sees them.

If you want to add more than 2 custom pages, there is a small fee.

Got to and log into your account

Sample Pages

Below are Jerry Thompson’s Custom pages he has made for his 2020 yearbook.

Remember, you can add signatures your friends send to these pages

Digital Signatures

You can ask your friends to sign your yearbook!

Log into your account. Your user name is your email address plus the password you chose when you created the account when you bought the book.  If you do not remember the password, click the “Forgot Password” Link.

When you log in Signatures should be a pop up on your screen. If not look on the left side.

Send a signature request to your friends. Make sure signatures are family friendly.


Sending and Requesting Signatures

Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

How to order your yearbook

PRICE STAYS THE SAME. Due to COVID-19 we are waving the late order price increase, keeping the price a $39 until school is finished for the year.

To order your 2019-2020 yearbook, click link below:
Middle and High School:  Enter your STUDENT’S name and email address and follow the prompts. If you need an account, it will help you create one.
Elementary: Enter the PARENT’S name and email address and follow the prompts. If you need an account, it will help you create one.


Price: $39 COVID-19 special, normally it would be $44.


Custom pages: Midnight Sunday, May 3

Change Shipping Address: Sunday, May 4

Shipping Information

Existing orders have the opportunity to have their yearbooks delivered to your home for free. Follow the steps to the right or follow the tutorial below to update your existing order to home delivery.
Otherwise all yearbooks will be shipped to LCS for free and can be picked up at a date TBD.
New orders between April 23 and May 4 will ship home for $2.99.
New orders after May 4th will ship home for $7.99.

Change Home Delivery Instructions

>> Log into your treering account

>> Scroll down to My Orders

>> Click on this year’s order

>> Next to the delivery address click “Edit Address”

>> Change it to your home address

How to send or request signature for your yearbook

How to change your Shipping Address