Teacher Wish Lists

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Thank you for viewing the Teacher Wish Lists. Anything you can supply will be greatly appreciated.

Click on the appropriate grade tab to see what those teachers are asking for. High School lists might be under a different tab than the teacher you are looking for.  Not all teachers have submitted wish lists.

Things to consider:

  • Mrs. Arnold might want 20 books, but if you can only supply 1, then please do that and we will reduce the total by the amount you can give.
  • The stores and links are SUGGESTIONS. If you know of a different or better source, then use that source.
  • Sending us your name and email address and letting us know you are willing to supply helps, but is not mandatory.  It is meant to be a conversation starter. The teacher will contact you to work out details.



Mrs. McCarty


[wishlist id=1341]

Grade 1

[wishlist id=1292]

Grade 2

Class Special: Art Supplies


[wishlist id=1314]

Grade 3


[wishlist id=1348]

Grade 4

[wishlist id=1268]

Grade 5

[wishlist id=1287]

Grade 7

Mrs. Arnold


[wishlist id=1307]

Grade 8

Mrs Arnold


[wishlist id=1299]

Grade 9

Wendy Connell

[wishlist id=1313]



[wishlist id=1297]

Grade 12


[wishlist id=1346]