Yesterday, the state announced that neither Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, nor the state Department of Health, will be issuing guidance to govern the reopening of schools this year. That responsibility will fall upon local districts and health departments. LCS is in communication with our health department to determine what recommendations it would like to see for our school in the coming Academic Year.

At this time, for the sake of both continuity and to be responsible in light of the rising Delta variant numbers in our region, we anticipate that our 2021-2022 plan will look very similar to last year’s. The school will inform our community of any further developments as they become available.

Currently, LCS is maintaining a plan that allows for 6′ of social distancing in order that students are not required to wear a face mask during most of the school day. Masks would still be required in public district busing and common areas, such as hallways and restrooms.

In light of some continuing COVID restrictions, the school will maintain the relaxed dress code that was put in place last school year. This relaxed dress code allows for athletic clothing as acceptable school attire. All other dress code rules still apply.

Modesty for all our students remains a priority. Specifically, dress code rules regarding leggings and jeans will be enforced. Leggings are not permitted unless worn under shorts (on gym days) or a skirt that meets dress code requirements. Jeans are permitted under certain guidelines. As stated in the dress code policy, fraying, rips, holes and tears are unacceptable.

At this time, students have the choice to dress up for chapel on Fridays, keeping in mind that they may have gym. Please familiarize yourself with the full dress code policy located in the Family Handbook. You can find the Family Handbook by logging into Sycamore and looking under the Documents tab.