The news out of Nashville is devastating.

Covenant School, a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church, is a private, faith-based school of approximately 200 students and 50 staff in Nashville, Tennessee. Yesterday, a former student of the school, in a mass shooting, took the lives of three current students and three staff members.

This has been a subject of prayerful concern among our faculty and staff today. We expect it has been among your household as well. Please join us in lifting the Covenant School community before the Lord in this time of tremendous tragedy.

Realizing that we live in a sin-stricken world and that evil can occur anywhere, over the last several years, Lima Christian has taken several steps to harden our school. Some of those measures have included: electronic locks, application of shatter-proof film to entry doors, limiting points of entry, video surveillance, identification-before-entry policies, lockdown drills, coordination with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and increased law enforcement patrols.

Know that your student’s safety is a top priority for Lima Christian School.

Can we do more? Always.

This is why, some months ago, Principal Vicky Britton brought a proposal to the School Board that we contract with East Canyon Security (ECS) to improve our safety and security protocols. The Board unanimously approved this contract.

ECS is owned and operated by Mr. Robert Holt. Mr. Holt is a 10-year law enforcement veteran and school resource officer. He has been partnering with LCS to provide planning, preparation, procedure development and faculty and staff professional development. In fact, Holt, acting in his private capacity, provided an in-depth emergency training workshop at the school’s last professional development day.

Finally, your student(s) has undoubtedly heard some of the reporting regarding Covenant School. They may not yet know how to articulate their thoughts and concerns regarding this matter. Gently, and when appropriate, please check in on your child(ren). While we strive to provide a safe learning space for your student(s) and have a counselor on campus, emotionally your child(ren) may have some things to process that are most appropriate in a home setting.

Should you have any questions, you can reach Principal Britton via email or at (585) 624-3841. The Board can be reached via email as well.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Lord’s protective covering over the hearts and minds of our students, as well as our physical campus.