Teacher Resources and Training

We will post whatever online tools we can find and use effectively on this page for teachers. The video tutorials are stored at vimeo.com.

Google & Sycamore Links

Google Classroom

Google Meet

Google Keep – Digital note cards

Google Drive

Google Forms

Sycamore Education


Resource Links


IXL Math

Spelling City

Brainpop Jr


Pixlr.com – Online image editor



OpenShot – Free video editor, requires download and installation


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ALL parts Google classroom
and sync sycamore tutorial

(Part 1-3)

Parts 1-3 are from the
longer tutorial on the left.

Part 1:

6 Steps to Complete a
Google Assignment

(1 Min)

Types of Google
Classroom Assignments

Part 2:

Creating an Automatically
Graded Google Form Assignment

(14 min)

How to use Google Meet
to Record a Lesson

Part 3:

Syncing with Sycamore

(4 min)

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