Virtual Learning for Teachers

We will post whatever online tools we can find and use effectively on this page for teachers. The video tutorials are stored at

We recommend that if you are recording lessons, break them into 3-8 minute segments with a task in between for students to complete. Shorter videos render faster, and your students are more likely to remain engaged with a short video. Also, if you make a mistake and have to re-record a video, it’s better to re-record 5 minutes than 20 minutes.

When the icon representing the video turns into a picture with a play button on, it is ready to go. If it is that red folder, then don’t even try it.

We suggest you allow for at least 24 hours between video recording and the video viewing.

There is a great Google Meet Tutorial on YouTube here. It is about 9 min long.


Students learning at home have the responsibility to log in during class times. If they don’t log in, they will be considered absent.

Check your email daily, and communicate with any students who are out of the classroom.

Need Technical Help?

Email Mr. Thompson with Tech questions/issues/suggestions. We will respond as soon as able.

Helpful Links

Use these links to access your Classroom and Meet, plus other helpful tools and resources.

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