Dear LCS Community,

At a time when the battle between light and darkness in our nation reaches a fever pitch, God continues to pour His blessing out on Lima Christian School. We stand firm on our focus to prepare our students to live in this world, but not of it, amongst cultural shifts, rising population fragmentation, and pandemic politicization.

It perhaps could not be more important in our modern world than now to give children a Christ centered education. For us, the biblical principles and learning surrounded by Jesus’s love are what set LCS apart. Our students are loved by faculty and learn how to lead through how God calls them into service in His name. Where God’s light shines, there can be no presence of darkness.

Each year, through the Lord’s leadership, our exceptionally generous LCS community has allowed us to stay on course, weather the storm, and grow during these turbulent times. Tuition affordability or financial aid for the families God brings to LCS is an area of great need at this present time. In addition, your gift will support the salaries of teachers whom God uses as a conduit for giving His love and education to our students. Thank you for standing with us, and please prayerfully consider making a generous tax-deductible gift to LCS to help enable us to continue to educate more children in His name.

Here are a few highlights of how God is moving powerfully in and through LCS:

  • We have 48 new students this year with additional families desiring to start immediately
  • Our Pre-K – 12 grade enrollment has risen to over 160
  • We have hired five new faculty members and increased our course offerings
  • Interest in our high school chorus and drama productions are at all-time highs
  • We have maintained in-person school five days per week

Praise be to God that He is bringing families to LCS and that we are growing. We cannot do this without Him and our community. I ask you to consider making a generous tax-deductible gift that enables LCS to continue ministering to students and preparing them for the future God has for them. Thank you for your prayerful consideration as we continue to reach for what God has in store for Lima Christian School during this most important time.

In Him,

Vicky Britton, M.A. CCC-SLP, Interim Principal