Middle School

Junior high school serves as a transition period between elementary and high school.

The Lima Christian School middle school academic program is challenging, creative, and centered on Christ.  Independence and interaction are encouraged as students participate in individual tasks, group activities, and community events.

Throughout the day, students can be seen working in a lab, creating drama productions for Bible classes, and engaging each other in debate and dialogue.  In addition, challenging courses with an integrated study skills program across the curriculum prepare students for high school.

The emphasis is on strong reading comprehension, complex essay and research writing, and the solid algebra skills necessary for higher level math.  All these activities help the students to perform academically, think critically, and engage their world creatively.

Instructional Guides

If you would like to view each grade’s instructional guides to learn more detailed information about courses, including expected student outcomes, instructional methods and assessments, as well as curriculum and resources, email the school office. 

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Middle School Curriculum

At Lima Christian School, middle school encompasses 6-8th grades. Our strong academic focus builds on the foundation we laid in elementary school as these students transition to high school. Physical education, community outreach projects, field trips, fine arts, integrated technology in the classroom, and special activities provide many opportunities for students to continue to grow and mature.

English & Language Arts

Students build a variety of communication, reading, writing, and public speaking skills.

Social Studies

History comes to life with engaging, hands-on and interactive lessons.


Students have the opportunity to explore the arts in greater depth.


Students have options as they learn multiple mathematical concepts and strategies.


Bible is a core subject taught daily in each grade, focusing on the various aspects of the Bible.


Students study music history and have opportunities to participate in chorus and band.


Hands-on interaction is foundational to our science instruction.


Middle school students develop a base understanding of the Spanish language.

Physical Education

Students engage in activities to promote social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.