While most of our minds are on this weekend’s graduation ceremony and the summer to follow, the Board would like to take an opportunity to share some news with you.

Recently, the Lima Christian School Board and Crossroads Church (the school’s overseeing ministry) approved the budget for the 2023-24 Academic Year. Next year’s fiscal plan totals $1,647,972, an increase of 13 percent over the 2022-23 Budget. Tuition makes up about 85 percent of the school’s income, while charitable contributions account for 10 percent, and other income (such as state reimbursement for mandated services and grant funding) account for the final 5 percent.

On the expense side of the ledger, faculty and staff salaries account for 73 percent of the annual plan, while the remaining 27 percent covers all other expenses (transportation, sports, student supplies, utilities, etc.). LCS continues to be tremendously blessed under Crossroads’ covering that supplies our school with many things that allow Lima Christian to keep our expenses minimal and tuition as affordable as possible to as many students as possible.

The following are some highlights from the approved budget that we think you will appreciate:

  • The school is entering in a three-way contract with the Town of Lima and the HF-L School District to provide a school resource officer from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department. The school resource deputy (SRD) will be a welcome addition and help provide an additional layer of security for our campus.
  • This year’s tuition increase of five percent matches the five percent increase the school was able to make to faculty and staff base pay.
  • The administration is hiring additional staff to bridge student learning gaps and extra educational needs. We are welcoming a 6th Grade Core Teacher, as well as a remedial writing and math instructor.
  • Parents will be pleased to know that we have contracted with a new, more comprehensive, and user-friendly software package to replace the Sycamore system.

Finally, we want to highlight a few of the many things that LCS has been able to accomplish in the last few years.

First, realizing that it is our faculty and staff that make the ministry of Lima Christian School possible, the Board has been striving to make our salaries more competitive with other private, Christian schools in the area. Lima Christian’s ability to attract and retain excellent staff requires that our pay scale better reflect what others in ministry-minded education provide. While we still have a way to go, we are pleased that we have been able to increase faculty and staff base pay by over 32 percent in the last four years.

Second, we have completely overhauled and replaced our outdated computers with current machines that are better equipped for today’s educational demands. In addition to this, the school increased its ability to monitor and protect students while online.

Third, we were able—through God’s grace and in partnership with many special donors—replaced one of the school’s two vans. The new van has been well received by the students, coaches and staff that have appreciated a roomier, more comfortable, and more reliable mode of transportation for field trips and sports events.

These are only some of the ways in which we see our Lord continually provide for Lima Christian School.

Should you have any thoughts about what has been presented, you can reach Principal Britton via email or at (585) 624-3841. The Board can also be reached via email.

To God be the glory!