International Program

Excellence in International Education

Lima Christian School welcomes international students in grades 9-12. As a K-12 college preparatory school, we offer:

  • Excellent academics
  • A strong ESL program
  • SAT preparation
  • College assistance
  • A Christian community to support and encourage all students


Our highly selective program offers a diversified curriculum that prepares students for university level learning in the United States. To learn more about our program including the application process and tuition, please contact:

  • Vicky Britton: International Student Program Director
  • Email:
  • Phone: (585)-624-3841 x128

Admission Details

To learn more about our program including the application process and tuition, please contact:

Vicky Britton
International Student Program Director
Phone: 585-624-3841 x128

Lima Christian School partners with several agencies. Please contact one of the agencies to the right or contact LIMA Christian directly.

Lima Christian School accepts international students entering 9th – 11th grade. In order to be eligible for consideration, the student must meet the following minimum requirements. In addition, students must exhibit the ability to succeed in a college-preparatory setting.

SLEP Score Requirements

  • Incoming 9th graders: 50
  • Incoming 10th graders: 55
  • Incoming 11th graders: 60

TOEFL Score Requirements

  • Incoming 9th graders: 60
  • Incoming 10th graders: 70
  • Incoming 11th graders: 80



Min Sung Kim, a graduate from Lima Christian School in 2011, arrived as a young 9th grader from South Korea in 2007 and lived with host parents Steve and Lorraine. Currently a graduate from the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio with Bachelor degrees in Physics and Studio Art, he is now pursuing a Masters of Architecture. Below he shares his comments regarding his experience at Lima Christian School. “The faculty and staff were caring and embracing, fellow students were curious and accepting, and host families weren’t just hosts but loving families. People whom I met through LCS taught me compassion, friendship and love. I will always hold them dear.” “I was able to receive two bachelor’s degrees last May, in Physics and Studio Art, thanks to the LCS education that allowed me to be a step ahead before entering college.” (Min participated in the dual enrollment program offered at Lima Christian School in partnership with Genesee Community College  whereby students can earn both high school and college credits for select classes.) “I have an exciting future ahead, and I’m thankful for faculty at Lima Christian School for giving me such a good start.”

South Korea, Class of 2011

“Since I came to Lima Christian School, I have learned and developed my abilities and knowledge. Last year was my first year to attend this school. Everyone has a heart of friendliness and gentleness. Especially the teachers who are always full of energy to help students when they are in need. They aren’t only teaching, they also give students their love, their encouragement, and their lectures. Lima Christian is not only a school, everyone here makes me comfortable like this is my hometown, like a second family. The spirit of love always fills the air in this school.” – Treyci

Vietnam, Class of 2017

“I have been at Lima Christian School for two years, and the most precious thing that I have learned is friendship.  Because it is a Christian School, everyone here is really nice and views the world with a pure heart.  People pray for each other, and are really concerned for others.  The school provides the Mentor for Mini’s program, which teaches older students patience and love. Also, every Friday’s chapel will be a fresh amazing experience.  Last, but not least, the host families here take care of you as their own child. You will feel everyone here is a big family!”  – Sasha

China, Class of 2014

Host families are the backbone of the Lima Christian School International Program.

It is a blessing and a way to have a positive impact on an international student.



Complete this form to learn more:   Lima Home-stay Host Family Form

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After speaking with the program director, please complete this form:  LCS-hostfamilyapplication

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A list of the current agencies we work with are available upon request.


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