High School

Lima Christian School’s high school curriculum is designed to prepare students for college and life after school.

At Lima Christian School, we prepare students academically and spiritually in accordance with their talents and desires. Our college preparatory curriculum allows students to explore a wide variety of challenging courses.

Ninth and tenth grades concentrate on writing excellence, reading critically, challenging  mathematical concepts, and strategic thinking.

By eleventh and twelfth grades, students are ready to conquer AP and college level classes. At LCS, we truly teach our college classes at the college level. We partner with both Genesee Community College and Roberts Wesleyan University to allow students to earn college and high school credits in the dual accreditation program. In addition, we partner with Houghton University online to give students the opportunity to earn additional college credits. In our higher level classes, we challenge students to analyze, synthesize, and create.

Instructional Guides

If you would like to view each grade’s instructional guides to learn more detailed information about courses, including expected student outcomes, instructional methods and assessments, as well as curriculum and resources, email the school office. 

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High School Curriculum

High school at Lima Christian School encompasses students in 9th-12th grades. Our high school classes include not only a robust academic preparation, but also opportunities for our students to apply problem-solving skills to apply to non-academic situations, develop the ability to clearly articulate ideas, and critically examine different points of view. We encourage students to participate in fine arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities that are designed to help cultivate their God-given gifts, talents, and interests.

English & Language Arts

Students build a variety of communication, reading, writing, and public speaking skills.

Social Studies

Students gain an understanding of the world by studying various periods of history.


Students have the opportunity to explore the arts in greater depth.


AP & honors Courses

LCS offers dual-credit courses in partnership with College Board, Roberts Wesleyan, and Genesee Community College.



Students learn multiple mathematical concepts and strategies.


Bible is a core subject taught daily in each grade, focusing on the various aspects of the Bible.


Students have opportunities to participate in chorus, band, and worship team.


Students use electives to build a well-rounded educational experience.



Hands-on interaction is foundational to our science instruction.

Foreign Language

We offer several classes to develop Spanish language skills.

Physical Education

Students engage in activities to promote social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

Graduation Requirements

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