Good-bye, Mr. Keehn

Keith Keehn, a senior from Roberts Wesleyan College, has been student teaching for the past 14 weeks in Mrs. Werner’s fifth grade class where 6 of the 8 students are children of LCS alumni.

“I think I’ve had the best placement ever!  I had a better experience at LCS than I would have anywhere else!”

“LCS is a strong, community driven school where everyone cares about everybody.  All the classes are so close – it’s hard to tell what students are in what grades!  Students aren’t bullied here as they are in other schools.  It’s a safe and comfortable environment for kids.”

“Teachers are able to push kids further and harder academically – not just teaching to a test, but really teaching to educate the students.  They are able to integrate how to worship God in their entire curriculum.”

“I will miss everything about this place.  Honestly, I don’t want to leave.”

Player of the Year

Congratulations to Jayson Faynor

for earning the Private/Parochial

Baseball Player of the Year 2016!

3rd Grade Mission Project

Mrs. Long’s 3rd grade class collected items to send to a war-torn country as a missions project. The 2 med-packs, filled with soap, bandages, and other supplies, will be given to 2 families by Voice of the Martyrs.