Student safety and security is a top concern for many of our families. Your student’s safety is also a priority of the Lima Christian School Board.

In recent years, Lima Christian has invested significantly in hardening our school. Now, we are prepared to take the next step. At last Thursday’s meeting, the Board voted to approve a plan that will provide an armed school resource officer (SRO) for the 2023-24 Academic Year.

The proposal involves a three-way, cost-sharing agreement with the town of Lima and the local public school, Lima Primary. This novel, public-private partnership will allow the three entities to partner with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in contracting to provide a full-time SRO who would split his or her time between the two schools and be available for priority calls in the town of Lima. Having a law enforcement officer stationed in Lima would dramatically reduce response time and increase public safety for the entire community.

While the LCS Board has already voted to approve the funding for this endeavor, the Lima Town Board has scheduled a public hearing to receive community input regarding its share of the funding. That hearing will be held on Tuesday, June 6, beginning at 6:15 PM at the Lima Town Hall (7329 East Main St., Lima, NY 14485). Interested parties (particularly Lima residents) are encouraged to attend and voice their support for this plan. It is expected that Lima Primary will also host a public hearing prior to authorizing funds for its portion of the proposal.

Should you have any thoughts about this or any other matter, you can reach Principal Britton via email or at (585) 624-3841.  The Board can also be reached via email.