Yes, You CAN Afford a Christian Education

Investing in your child’s education means investing in their future.

As you will learn through the admission process, families find great value in the Lima Christian School experience and the distinctive ways we provide opportunities for students.

At Lima Christian School, we recognize that our families are committing to a significant financial commitment. We also understand that each family has unique financial circumstances and ability to pay tuition.

That is why we offer Variable Tuition.

LCS Principal Vicky Britton explains it below. Click the play button to listen.


How does Variable Tuition Work?

 It’s important to note that no family pays the full cost of educating a child at LCS. If all expenses are considered (building use, teacher salary sacrifices, utilities), tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Instead of a fixed tuition rate, tuition is now displayed as a range.
  • Parents will pay the high end of the range unless they apply and are eligible for Variable Tuition.
  • This approach ensures that tuition costs align more closely with a family’s ability to pay, making education at Lima Christian School more accessible than ever.
  • Rest assured, our commitment to delivering a high-quality education remains unwavering. This change allows us to continue providing the same exceptional educational experience while fostering a more diverse and supportive community.


If you’re worried about affording Lima Christian’s top tuition, you can apply for Variable Tuition. It’s for both current and new families with students from  kindergarten to grade 12. Variable Tuition considers your income, assets, family size, and any unusual financial situations.

You apply through FACTS, an outside agency. They review your application and suggest a tuition plan to Lima Christian. Your financial details stay private.  Lima Christian aims to help as many families as possible afford their education.

Variable Tuition*

Elementary (K-5)

$3,863 – $7,726

New Student Fees –>

Middle (6-8)

$4,291 – $8,582

$50 per Student
(non-refundable) due with application.

High (9-12)

$4,918 – $9836

$125 per Student
($375 Family Max.) due with enrollment forms

*If you want to be considered for Variable Tuition, please complete the Facts Application

*Parents will pay the high end of the range unless they apply and are eligible for Variable Tuition.

Note: The multiple-child discount is available only to families who do not apply for variable tuition. Contact the office for these rates.


Why choose Lima Christian School?

More educational freedom. At Lima Christian School, our teachers have the freedom to create an educational plan to meet their students’ needs. Your student’s education is not based on governmental mandates on curriculum or testing. While we hold our students to high academic standards, we are not required to administer state tests.

High academic standards. Starting in pre-k and continuing through 12th grade, we nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, encourage critical thinking, and promote a love of learning. We strive to continually improve and maintain high standards as we teach your children.

Individual attention. Our current class ratios are 1 teacher to every 8 students. Because of the small class sizes, teachers are able to offer personalized attention to every student. As a result, often our teachers and students develop relationships that last well beyond the school years.

Education for the whole child. In addition to academics, our school also helps your student develop in their personal, spiritual, and social growth. We encourage students to join clubs and extracurricular activities such as sports, fine arts, music, band, theatre, yearbook, worship team, and more.

The community. We are partnering with you to educate your child. We know that we are all better together, and we want you to be active participants in your child’s education. In addition, our community of believers is not just a school; it’s a family.