There have been special times and places where God, in His purposes, “commanded the blessing.” Psalm 133 tells us that it is in times of unity that God does this. We, the Lima Christian School community, have been experiencing this season of blessed unity in recent weeks and months. What a joy it is to find ourselves favored by God in this way at this time! It is my privilege to share with you some examples of unity and harmony in the school’s ministry.

The school leadership team has been united in efforts to positively impact the culture and environment around us. We have been focusing on spiritual growth and development through daily encouragement, devotions, online and in person conferences and workshops, and in-house professional development.

Our faculty and staff are harmoniously working to bring relevant, challenging academic programs to our students through a Biblical worldview. We are collaboratively focusing on supporting and encouraging students in their spiritual journeys, enabling them to stand for truth in love, and helping them to know God and to glorify Him in all they say and do. We are striving to help students build a firm foundation in God’s word to stand for truth in the current culture. Some of the new ways we are doing this are through our keyboard recording studio, Just Show Up Book Club, Intro to Theater, soccer and basketball clinics, voice lessons, and work study opportunities. To support all these efforts, our school board is united in its commitment to continue to upgrade employee salaries and benefits.

Our wider community of alumni, parents, and friends of the school is growing in unity as well. At our Homecoming weekend in September, we welcomed LCS alums from 20 different graduating classes! Also, we are blessed to welcome two new school board members: Mr. David Sieling and Mr. Lee Teitsworth. In addition, we are seeing a new level of excitement for volunteering, as we develop a parent ambassador group and increase participation in the annual benefit auction.

While unity is a blessed gift from God, we know that we are also directed to maintain the unity that He has given us (Eph. 4:3). We are committed to doing this! We so appreciate the opportunity that you all are giving us to participate in raising up this next generation of LCS Saints! We also rejoice that we can continue to request, and trust that you will continue to prayerfully supply, the very necessary financial support that enables us to Love, Learn and Lead together.

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas.